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Arcalux® has been in business for 14 years – starting in 1996.

The Company’s President and CEO, Douglas C. Marty, brings over 40 years of manufacturing experience in the HVAC commercial and residential equipment industry to Araclux.


 Based in Miami, Douglas C. Marty has built a dynamic international and domestic HVAC manufacturer; Airguide Manufacturing LLC. Airguide manufactures grilles, registers, and diffusers for the HVAC industry.


Airguide is approaching its 50th year in business; a milestone that few companies may boast about. Douglas C. Marty began his career in Miami helping to build Pioneer Metals, Inc., a public company that was later sold to a private company.





About Arcalux®



Arcalux® is a Houston, Texas based manufacturer of energy efficient, fluorescent lighting systems for commercial use. In addition, our Company provides energy assessments and lighting design services utilizing our many engineers and experienced lighting industry professionals.


Arcalux® sells direct and through distributors and agents. Please contact Arcalux at 713-218-8999 for a list of distributors and agents in your area.



Arcalux® was born of the recognized need

for a new kind of fluorescent lighting fixture.

Technology for housing fluorescent lighting

in place today has virtually not changed

since the 1940’s, despite numerous changes

in lamps and ballasts.  Arcalux® founder,

Mark Welker, began with the assumption

that any technology that had not changed

in 60 years was ripe for improvement.  After

a number of years working in the industry,

he designed and built the company’s first

product, a modular energy efficient

fluorescent lighting fixture, the SmartFixture™,

to address the unmet needs of owners,

maintainers and users.


The SmartFixture™ has evolved into a group of lighting products that include fluorescent direct, indirect, and LED fixtures.


Energy Efficient Light fixtures - Arcalux Smartfixture
Arcalux Smartfixture