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Team Arcalux®


Douglas Marty, President & CEO. Doug has responsibility for the Company’s manufacturing and operational systems. Doug has deployed the Company’s operations and component manufacturing systems. In addition, Doug is working with the Company’s sales management and assisting with the development of key sales channels while maintaining the highest quality products and services in the industry. Doug has more than thirty years of experience in the wholesale, distribution and manufacturing industries, including the successful operation of Airguide Manufacturing; a fifty year old company in the HVAC industry.






Mark L. Welker, Founder & Executive Vice President. Mark is the leader and architect of the Company’s ongoing research and development. During the past twenty-four years Mark has developed and patented various products in diverse fields of technologies with an emphasis on “Energy Efficient Technologies”, including designs and patents in Air Conditioning, and Thermo Controlled Valves. Mark is most known for his development of the award winning (see “Awards & News”) SmartFixture. The SmartFixture has been recognized with three different “Adex” awards including awards for “Socket Assembly”, “Versatility”, and “Overall Design”





Energy Efficient Light fixtures - Arcalux Smartfixture
Arcalux Smartfixture